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Slingsby handling and lifting equipment warns businesses to plan ahead for winter

LAST WINTER was officially the coldest for more than 30 years as snow covered large parts of the UK for several weeks and temperatures plummeted to below minus-20 in some areas, which had a severe impact on many businesses.

As the UK is once again bracing itself for snow, workplace equipment provider Slingsby is urging businesses to plan ahead in order to avoid the severe disruption that brought many organisations in the UK to a halt at the start of 2010. By doing this employers can also help to prevent accidents caused by slips and trips which always increase during the winter months.

Lee Wright, Marketing Director of Slingsby explains: "The 2009-2010 winter was exceptional both in its severity and duration and took the whole country by surprise. It cost the UK’s economy billions of pounds in lost trade and absenteeism and although this winter may not be as bad, it’s still false economy not to prepare for it.

"There was a major shortage of salt last winter so it makes sense to stock up on it now especially because it’s cost-effective and can be stored for long periods of time. Salt, grit and other similar products are also one of the easiest ways of preventing slips and trips that are caused by walkways being wet or icy underfoot and the dark nights reducing visibility."

Lee adds: "In addition preventing such accidents reduces the chances of businesses and other organisations having to pay personal injury claims which are commonly associated with these types of accidents.

"It’s also a good time to think about general improvements that can be made to the premises such as placing matting around entrances which will help to keep floors dry and using warning signs in areas where floors become wet and slippery. Plus it’s important to make sure there is sufficient lighting inside and outside your premises so that potential hazards can be seen and often this can just be a case of using brighter bulbs in existing lights."

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