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Smart-Pal, palletising equipment 20% cheaper and 40% smaller

When a company sets out to automate its manual palletising, the aim is to have a quick Return on Investment (RoI), ideally within a two year span. However, achieving this with investments as high as, say, €200.000 per SKU, can be a challenge. If the cost of investing is too high, then the manufacturer must continue with manual operations and all its drawbacks.

CSi has been working consistently for many years to try and reduce the cost of palletising and finally, there is a breakthrough with the new Smart-Pal. At an (all-in) price of less than €60.000, manual palletising is a thing of the past. Even in areas where salary costs remain modest, a worthwhile return can still be realized, and thanks to the leasing and rental options now available, investment isn’t even necessary.

The capacity can be as high as 20 products per minute (based on products and infeed). The installation has a broad functionality and can handle a wide variety of products, so there is little need to change equipment or handle any part of the production volume manually.

At only 7.5 m2, the footprint is uniquely small. This machine can fit behind any production and packaging line, using almost any pallet type.
The reduction in cost price is achieved through smart design and the standardisation of components. And the level of quality, robustness and reliability remain as high as with all other products from CSi.

CSi will introduce the new smart-Pal at Empack in Brussels (Belgium) and at Macropak in Utrecht (Netherlands).
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