Hytera logistics and distribution two way radio communication product solutions

Smarter manufacturing – the next stage of industrial (r)evolution

The greater the competition, the more consumers expect for their money. On the one hand, they want products that meet their specific needs and therefore necessitate small or even single-lot production runs. On the other, they still expect low prices and short turnaround times.

Self-learning systems, intelligent sensors and actuators, smart factories, the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems: these are just some of the catchwords that describe our industrial future. As of 2015, the world’s No. 1 platform for future-defining process solutions for the timber and furniture industries will be featured in the new “Smart Manufacturing” display on LIGNA. The Integrated Manufacturing display will put the spotlight on smart and fully integrated production systems for the value networks of the wood processing and woodworking industries. There, visiting furniture industry professionals, in particular, can expect to see a whole range of new and highly innovative manufacturing concepts and solutions.

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