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Solar Pump from NOV Mono makes the most of water resources in Africa

A farming community in Africa is now able to irrigate its crops on a reliable year-round basis, thanks to a solar pumping solution from NOV Mono. The Sun-Sub™ submersible pump system is located on the banks of the Mereb River in Eritrea, where the community now has greatly improved access to water.

Working with the team at Visual Direct International, a leading provider of energy management products and systems, the Mono™ Sun-Sub pumping system was fitted with a stationary array. This enables it to draw some 100m3 of water per day from the 7.3m deep well, and pump it over 228 metres to a concrete surface reservoir. This can hold up to 4 days supply, ensuring that the farmers always have water to irrigate their Citrus trees. The Sun-Sub can operate at speeds of 1800-2400 rpm, and is powered by 2,400W of solar panels.

“Severe shortages of diesel, and very high prices, mean that conventional pumps are often not an option for irrigation water duties in places like Eritrea,” says Mono’s Maurice Calderon. “However, Mono™ has a very successful track record of providing solar pumps for this type of application. We help farmers cut their costs, and make a reliable source of water a practical and affordable option. This helps them increase production and also generate new sources of income by planting new crops that were not previously viable.”

Mono’s Sun-Sub submersible pump uses simple, proven technology, and so can be relied on to deliver every time. Available with either a stationary or GPS Tracking array, and with power options ranging from 150 Watts up to 2400 Watts, it can produce very high flows and discharge pressures. It requires no external diesel or electrical power supply, and can easily be configured for automatic operation by the use of float switches, a pressure kit or a built-in electronic control. This allows the Sun-Sub to turn on when water is required, and then turn off once any storage vessels are full, thereby conserving water and reducing wear on the pump.

The Sun-Sub’s progressing cavity pump provides maximum water output, even in bores containing silt or iron oxide. It delivers water with every rotation, while its low speed capability extends rotor and stator life in abrasive bores

All Sun-Sub systems are supplied complete with pre-wired solar modules, array frames, pump element, submersible motor and solar motor controller. This makes them easy to assemble and install, and with all electrical plugs and sockets pre-fitted, no specialist electrical knowledge is required.

For more details on Mono, visit www.monopumps.com.au or call 1800 333 138.

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