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Spaceway ensures companies meet health and safety regulations

Figures supplied by the British Safety Council show that more industrial accidents occur to employees in the transport and storage industry than in any other singular industrial classification. Leading storage and materials handling company, Spaceway South, is helping companies ensure that they meet the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to protect employees from damaged and poorly maintained equipment by implementing a new storage inspection service.

Carried out bi-annually, or more frequently if the operation demands, to ensure that companies are adhering to safety guidelines, Spaceway's new storage inspection service will not only provide employers with peace of mind but also a written history for Health & Safety Inspectors and Insurance Companies. Using procedures set down by the HSE and The Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association, Spaceway's trained technicians will inspect all storage equipment for any signs of damage caused by pallet racking and shelving being struck by vehicles and access equipment. The company will also inspect racking for missing parts, such as fixings, locking pins.

Under the terms of the “Health & Safety in Wholesale and Retail Warehouses” guidelines, racking and shelving storage systems must be installed, used and maintained correctly to protect against injuries. Similarly to comply with The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998, it is essential that warehouse staff work in a safe environment where equipment is regularly checked for damage and defects.

Racking is manufactured from relatively light components and consequently is susceptible to damage. Any damage to racking will reduce its loading capacity, and the greater the damage the lower the safe working load becomes. Eventually the racking will collapse even when it is within specified safe load limits.

“The best way to avoid storage-related accidents is combine regular inspections from a reputable company with common sense”, says Malcolm Jeary, Managing Director of Spaceway South. “Purchase all equipment from trusted suppliers and ensure all relevant information is considered at the planning stage. Always consult the manufacturer or supplier before making any changes to the structure even if they appear relatively minor. It is also important to ensure forklift truck drivers are well trained and that they report any damage to storage equipment, even if it appears very minor”.

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