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Spaciotempo grows its team and buys new stock to meet UK manufacturers’ demand for more space

Growing confidence among UK manufacturers is fuelling a 25 per cent rise in demand for extra storage space, according to a UK supplier of temporary buildings.

Spaciotempo, based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, has just invested £500,000 in new stock and taken on five new staff after experiencing a sharp increase in demand for its products over the past year.

Demand for temporary buildings acts as an effective barometer of business confidence because the products are the first port of call for companies looking for a low-risk solution to support expansion plans.

Instead of having to relocate, lease new premises or invest in costly bricks and mortar, businesses can erect temporary buildings on spare land on their site within a matter of days. They also have the flexibility to add further buildings or remove them, dependant on their requirements.

Scott Jameson, Director of Sales for Spaciotempo, said the companies currently showing most interest in hiring or buying temporary buildings are manufacturers who are increasing production and need somewhere to store extra stock or accommodate increased business activity.

In the past 12 months the company has received orders from a host of big-name companies, including earth-moving equipment manufacturers JCB and Caterpillar and car-makers Peugeot, Nissan and Aston Martin.

It also provided a 2,200 sq m building for automotive supplier Stadco, while Jaguar Land Rover took a semi-permanent canopy structure of 600 sq m.

Elsewhere, Spaciotempo provided a giant 2200sqm warehouse to retailer Sports Direct and 13 temporary buildings for the iconic Pinewood Studios.

Mr Jameson said: "Temporary buildings have traditionally offered companies a flexible space solution to match their activity on a seasonal basis, but in the current climate they are proving to be ideal for companies dipping their toes into increasing production without investing heavily in building or relocation projects.

"Following a couple of years in which we had to cut back, we noticed a 25 per cent increase in activity last year, most notably from manufacturers, which we predicted would continue into 2012. That, plus a renewed marketing drive, led us to commit to recruit new members to the team and invest heavily in more stock.

"That process is now complete and, so far, our predictions regarding a busy 2012 have proved to be correct. Our order book is bulging, which not only bodes well for Spaciotempo, but for UK industry as a whole."

Spaciotempo manufactures all of its own temporary buildings and 80 per cent of them are hired or sold to industry as warehousing and loading canopies.

It can take the company as little as 48 hours to supply a fully operational temporary building. Built on-site using an anodised aluminium frame with either uPVC panel or steel cladding walls, buildings can be any size from 5m by 5m upwards.

Although they are classed as temporary, the buildings come with a 10 year warranty and are sturdy enough to last for many years.

Spaciotempo was formerly known as TempAstor, which was founded in 1972 and pioneered the manufacture and supply of temporary buildings. Alongside its commitment to supplying off-the-shelf temporary buildings, it is focussed on providing turn-key solutions for industry which come complete with floors, windows, temperature control and lighting.

Elsewhere, the company is also experiencing a strong demand for temporary sports buildings for schools and colleges, and also supplies retractable tunnels for sports stadium, including a host of Premiership football teams.

tel. 01889 569569
or visit www.spaciotempo.co.uk

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