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Specially designed Logitrans stacker handles coffins gently and respectfully

The Danish manufacturer of material handling equipment, Logitrans A/S, has developed a special stacker in close cooperation with a Danish crematorium. The stacker is tailor-made and ensures a precise and gentle handling of the coffins. At the same time the handling and transporting are much easier and less straining for the employees. The stacker can turn the coffin horizontally, and inappropriate and twisted lifting is fully avoided!

"Our specially designed stacker is a unique solution for funeral directors, crematoriums, mortuaries and manufacturers of coffins, and together with a Danish crematorium we have developed a product with focus on the employee, who is handling the coffins", says Anthony Dollimore, Managing Director of Logitrans UK Ltd.

With more than 1400 cremations yearly, the crematorium in question focuses on optimising the working conditions for the employees so that they are strained as little as possible. The specially designed stacker fully meets the requirements and expectations – as ergonomically correct equipment with top safety and precision.

At the same time the stacker is very manoeuvrable! It can operate in very confined aisles and areas and is very suitable for applications in production and storage areas, in which the coffins are stored before use and in which the space is often very limited.

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