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Speech controlled picking systems company top VOX offers topSPEECH Lydia PbV

In terms of pick by voice, a smoothly running picking process doesn’t just depend on the performance of the voice solution. A crucial role is also played by the performance of the hardware on which the software runs and the staff communicates via headset to the warehouse management system. top-VOX, the IT specialist for logistics applications, offers users of the topSPEECH-Lydia PbV suite not only the possibility to use commercial PDAs from well-known manufacturers as clients. With VOXter BlackEdition, the company is now launching the latest version of the company’s rugged and portable PCs on the market. Its equipment is specifically optimized for use with voice-based picking in harsh storage environments. The top-VOX developers have really gone the extra mile with this, particularly in terms of usability. The new 624 MHz processor boosts the unit’s speech recognition performance. Furthermore, with its WLAN and Bluetooth modules the VOXter BlackEdition offers interfaces for integration into today’s established wireless network structures. Thanks to its industry standard housing, the client is suitable both for use in dusty and damp conditions as well as in the deep freezer.

By once again having an ergonomically optimized keypad with internationally recognizable symbols, the VOXter can seamlessly integrate itself into the workflow. A smart characteristic of the function keys is their clearly distinguishable shapes that allow eyes-free operation. Thus employees can concentrate fully on the actual handling of commissioned goods and not be distracted by additional eye movements and controls. As with previous models, the VOXter BlackEdition also has available a particularly robust connector element for such external components as the headset. The unit’s strengths can be fully exploited when it is used together with the speech-based picking system topSPEECH-Lydia.

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