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Speed monitoring in carton live storage

A new braking roller from BITO ensures products in carton live storage travel smoothly to the picking face, irrespective of their weight.

A new braking roller for carton live storage lanes ensures that both empty and fully-loaded bins and containers stocked in the same lane will move to the picking face at the same speed. The new braking roller, from BITO Storage Systems Ltd, achieves this by adjusting the lane incline according to the weight of the empty containers to allow smooth and undisrupted forward movement of all containers irrespective of their weight. No auxiliary aids, such as hooks, are required. This is a particulaly important capability in automatically serviced flow lanes.

The braking roller is based on a patented mechanical braking system that comprises just four components, while the roller’s TPE (thermoplastic rubber) surface increases the adhesion factor. In addition to being compatible with BITO’s modular carton live system the new braking roller can be retro-fitted to existing systems.

Another important feature of BITO’s braking roller is that it prevents load carriers accelerating beyond control on their way to the picking face. This can can happen in long carton live lanes where, depending on the lane incline and on the make and total weight of the load carrier, storage or distribution bins will hit the lane’s front stop or the bins waiting at the picking face with an excessive impact that could damage the bin and container contents.

The new braking roller is manufactured by BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH of Meisenheim (Germany), the storage specialist and manufacturer of shelving & racking and plastic bins & containers, is available in the UK from Nuneaton-based subsidiary, BITO Storage Systems Ltd.

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