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Spiroflow announces heavy duty Chain Drag Conveyor

Spiroflow announces heavy duty Chain Drag Conveyor

Spiroflow has launched the new heavy-duty Chainflow tubular chain drag conveyor to meet evolving industry needs. This conveyor provides a more robust alternative to medium duty cable drag conveyors and a more economical alternative to ultra heavy-duty structural link & pin chain drag conveyors. The Chainflow provides gentle handling of powders and granules, particularly fragile products. The heavy-duty, totally enclosed, dust-free chain drag conveyor enables processors to effortlessly convey or batch ingredients utilising a hygienic disc and chain assembly.

The Chainflow offers a more robust conveying option compared to a tubular cable drag conveyor while still maintaining flexible layout options. Additionally, the light gauge stainless steel tubing is easy to install compared to the structural pipe used with ultra heavy-duty chain drag conveyors. “Our Chainflow conveyor is the perfect solution for applications that fall between cable drag and ultra heavy duty structural chain drag conveyors. The Chainflow’s crevice free material contact surfaces of stainless steel chain and moulded UHMWPE discs are ideal for food grade applications as well as higher density materials and/or abrasive products,” reveals James Podevyn, Spiroflow Limited’s Director of Sales. “Furthermore, the Chainflow conveyor resolves many of challenges industries across the board experience in regards to product segregation, dust-free and contamination-free handling.” See Chainflow in action.

The Chainflow proves beneficial for processors due to its capability of handling higher loads and longer duty cycles than cable drag conveyors. The Chainflow has minimal product build up as a result of the round construction and moulded discs meaning it’s better suited to handle fine non-smearing powders and high density products like talcum powder, detergents, wood chips and pellets, recycled powders and other similar re-processed materials.

Chainflow is a tubular chain drag conveyor that, by definition, is configured in a loop or circuit. Ultra strong 304 or 316 stainless steel chain is fitted with moulded UHMWPE discs. It delivers maximum chain life while gently moving fragile products through a flexible conveying path. The conveyor has a drive assembly at one end of the circuit and a return housing, fitted with an automatic tensioner, on the other end of the circuit. The chain drag conveyor is driven via a toothed sprocket utilising the chain, not the discs. Processors can achieve intricate layouts with multiple inlets and outlets in complex three plane circuits.

Chainflow delivers fast and efficient conveying with capacities up to 10.5m3/hour (370 ft3/hour). Processors can convey over long distances with maximum straight line lengths of up to 76m (250 ft) per conveyor and link multiple conveyors for longer distances. The conveyor can typically run empty, be stopped and started under load, and flood or meter fed for operational flexibility. The Chainflow chain drag conveyor offers a heavy duty but gentle conveying solution with low maintenance costs engineered to operate 24/7/365.

Spiroflow is a global leader in powder handling for process industries and an emerging leader in control systems integration. Throughout our 45-year history, our design engineers and process automation team have provided customers with the safest, most efficient, innovative and most reliable process solutions available.

The company was an early inventor of the flexible screw conveyor but has grown significantly since those early days as have their products and service offerings. Spiroflow delivers engineered solutions designed to solve your greatest powder handling and processing challenges, whether it is a single conveyor or a complete powder handling system with integrated controls.

With their flexible screw, Aeroflow® aero mechanical, Cableflow® cable drag, Chainflow™ and Dynaflow® chain drag conveyors, hands down, they offer the widest range of mechanical conveyors for dry bulk solids and ingredients. They are also known for their expansive line of Spirofil® bulk bag fillers, bulk bag dischargers, control systems, bulk bag conditioners, customised hoppers, bin activators, and bin, bag/sack, box/octabin and drum emptiers, as well as end-of-line robotic palletising solutions.

Primary markets include the food, dairy, snack food, confectionery, beverage, pet food, pharmaceutical, packaging, industrial, chemical, plastics, minerals, cement, environmental, waste, and recycling.

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