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Spiroflow’s conveying solutions go on the road to Dubai

Spiroflow Ltd will be showcasing its latest conveying and weighing technology for the safe handling of food ingredients to a global audience at the Gulfood Manufacturing show in Dubai at the end of October.

A world-leading manufacturer of conveying, weighing, filling and discharge systems for the food industry, Spiroflow will be demonstrating a wide range of cost-effective solutions for handling bulk ingredients where the most rigid standards in hygiene and containment need to be met and maintained.

The award-winning UK business is teaming up at the show with its Middle East distributor, Himatrix, to promote Spiroflow’s flexible screw, vacuum conveyors and hygienic bulk bag dischargers.

Whether equipment is required for efficiently conveying food ingredients such as flour, cereals and coffee granules to mixers and packaging machinery, or.accurately controlling the flow of difficult materials like chocolate crumb, which has a tendency to smear, Spiroflow can show visitors that their wide range of standard equipment or customised systems provide optimum performance and offer value for money.

Taking centre stage in Dubai will be a multiple flexible screw conveyor demonstration set-up, complete with sack tip station, product agitators and loss-in-weight feeders, demonstrating their versatility in terms of feed rate, throughput range, consistency and accuracy of output, angle of elevation and quick release features.

Spiroflow’s technical team will also be on hand to demonstrate the advantages of the vacuum conveyor, which is able to negotiate lengthy and tortuous routes and hygienically transfer materials.

The bulk bag discharger Model T2 is a market leader, installed by major food processors world-wide for dust-free and controlled discharge of ingredients such as sugar, flour and spices. Options include loss-in-weight product feed, patented massage systems to promote flow from bags, hygienic bag spout sealing device, integral hoist and other features to ensure hygienic emptying of 1-2 tonne bags.

Spiroflow’s marketing manager, Ben Ayrton, said: “Spiroflow is delighted to be back at Gulfood demonstrating fully working examples of our totally hygienic conveying systems. We’re looking to repeat the success of last year when the show generated a significant amount of new orders. Our engineers will again be on hand to explain the advantages that our wide range of standard and customised material handling options offers both small and large volume users.”

As well as providing a comprehensive range of equipment and testing facilities, an outstanding level of customer service is integral to Spiroflow’s philosophy and is one of the reasons why companies in the food industry return again and again to Spiroflow for their filling, discharging and conveying needs.

In addition to Flexible Screw Conveyors, Vacuum Conveyors and Bulk Bag Dischargers, Spiroflow is also a manufacturer of Bulk Bag Fillers, Aero Mechanical Conveyors, Tubular Cable and Chain Drag Conveyors, Bin Activators, Ingredients Handling and Weighing Systems. The company’s technical and engineering expertise has led to it developing an international reputation for an unrivalled range of products with state-of-the-art control systems.

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