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Spiroflow’s conveying system is an instant success for coffee brand

Providing food and beverage manufacturers with high quality conveying solutions that are easy to operate and maximise production – backed up by great customer support – are key factors if suppliers are to get repeat business, just ask the Eight O’Clock Coffee Company.

Spiroflow – a world leading manufacturer of dry ingredients conveying and bulk bag handling equipment – has recently won additional orders from Eight O’Clock Coffee after it initially designed a customised conveying solution to support a new high-speed packaging system at its plant.

Eight O’Clock Coffee was so satisfied with the efficiency and increased productivity that resulted from the automated Cableflow® Tubular Drag Conveying system supplied by Spiroflow for transferring coffee from multiple roasters at the touch of a button, it purchased two more of the conveyors.

Maintaining the quality and consistency of ingredients while in transit through a factory environment is vital to ensure that the end product is in mint condition for packaging and distribution, which is why the hot beverages supplier turned to a conveying system from Spiroflow.

It gently moves whole bean and ground coffee to the packaging line at a rate of over 4.5 tonnes per hour – a key attraction for Eight O’Clock Coffee Plant Manager, Richard Holiday. He said: “Tubular drag conveying is a slow moving system that allows us to gently convey a lot of coffee. It’s very reliable and dependable and our operators love it. Spiroflow is also very service-oriented with great support and resources.”

Other features Holiday cites as beneficial include the tubular drag conveyor’s ability to make directional changes, its slide gates that allow material to go to several different machines, its gentle conveying for whole beans, and its clean-out cylinder. This cylinder allows the coffee to be easily drained into a tote with no need to connect pipes, drains or hoses like the previous system required.

Previously, Eight O’Clock Coffee had been using mechanical and dilute-phase pneumatic conveyors to move whole bean and ground coffee from roasters to the packaging equipment. The addition of the new packaging equipment required an additional conveying system that could transfer coffee from 11 roasters to bagger hoppers above the packaging equipment while minimising material degradation.

Designed to fit into the existing plant footprint, the conveying system runs with minimal operator interaction for optimum productivity, eliminates dust in compliance with OSHA, improves sanitary operations with advanced handling techniques and provides Eight O’Clock Coffee with a rapid return on its investment.

Spiroflow has supplied six tubular drag conveyors to Eight O’Clock Coffee. All utilise 304 stainless steel cables with UHMW polyethylene discs and are fitted with Spiroflow’s patented Dynamic Automatic Rope Tensioning system (DART) which maximises cable life and minimises operator maintenance.

The conveyors and process equipment are fully automated and integrated with a central controller, allowing remote control and monitoring of the entire process from one location. Using the controller interface, an operator enters the code for one of the company’s coffee products and pushes the start button. The controller then automatically opens and closes the necessary valves, and the conveying system moves the beans or ground coffee through the production process from the roaster to the packaging system.

In addition to Cableflow Tubular drag Conveyors, Spiroflow also manufactures flexible screw conveyors, aero mechanical conveyors, chain drag conveyors, bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag fillers, and ingredients batching and weighing systems. The company’s technical and engineering expertise has led to it developing an international reputation for an unrivalled range of products with state-of-the-art control systems.

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