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SRF plant now operational in South West France

SRF waste shredder plant now operational in South West France

Commissioning of a new waste processing plant in Mende, South West France is now complete. Following almost two years of planning, design, engineering and construction, Environnement 48 began shredding Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste to produce a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), this month.

Already one of the region’s most established waste management companies and a member of the French recycling association Federec, Environnement 48 has extended its facilities to enter the alternative fuel production market.

The UNTHA XR Ripper waste shredder lies at the heart of the plant. C&I and bulky wastes of 80-220kg/m³ are being shredded down to a homogenous particle of 80%<300mm, before being sent for further processing in Environnement 48’s secondary shredder. The end result is a renewable energy source that is sold as a fossil fuel substitute.

Having guaranteed consistent throughputs of 15 tonnes per hour, the UNTHA shredder actually achieved 19.6 tonnes during the handover capacity test.

Commenting on the plant’s operation and the work involved to get to this stage, Environnement 48’s production manager Mr Bourgade said: “Because we are manufacturing a saleable product, it is crucial we achieve the production levels that our plant has been designed to meet.

“So, when we saw the shredder’s specification on paper this wasn’t enough. We therefore travelled to UNTHA’s Austrian headquarters to watch the XR Ripper in action. During trials, the machine certainly surpassed our throughput expectations, demonstrating impressive robustness and uptime too. We were also very impressed with the low energy consumption of this modern technology.

“We now have a machine that will support our plant’s performance whilst upholding our commitment to the environment.”

The shredder installation was completed in November 2015, with full operator training.

The XR Ripper was launched in 2014 alongside its sister model, the XR Cutter .The Ripper concept ensures a robust shred of untreated waste, to achieve a homogenous particle size of 100-400mm depending on the client’s requirements. The final fraction size is controlled by adjustable screen bars.

The XR shredder achieved global acclaim when it was introduced to the market, due to its Eco Drive concept – an innovation which guarantees up to 50% less energy consumption than conventional electro-hydraulic drive options.

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