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SSI Schaefer Robo Pick is voted Best Product 2011

The SSI Schaefer Robo Pick (SRP) has been named Best Product 2011 at this year’s LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart.

Viewed by the logistics industry as one of the most prestigious awards in the entire sector, the SRP system, which finished first in the Picking, Packing, Securing category, was evaluated by a team of business, science and media representatives prior to the show. Awards are given to systems that prove to significantly streamline logistics operations, reduce costs and increase productivity.

The SRP is the world’s fastest picking system, able to pick goods of different size, shape and weight at a speed of 2,400 items per hour, operating error-free whilst maintaining gentle handling of each product using a vacuum gripper.

The fully-automated picking cell can be smoothly integrated into existing storage systems and its double-stage 2D and 3D image processing system does not require any time-consuming training of product parameters or position. The degree of flexibility achieved is unique and makes the SRP suitable for a broad range of applications.

The image processing cell takes less than one second to recognise the position of a product on the tray and then engages the universal picking robot accordingly – therefore removing the need to enter individual product characteristics and features or to arrange products in a particular position. The robot then places the requested products into order containers, based on input from the warehouse management system.

Depending on the order structure, 10 to 20 orders can be handled simultaneously. In comparison to manual picking, this system reduces error rates by a factor of 10 to 100. The SRP can compile a shipment of two to 20 product types in the correct quantity according to customer order from a range of 5,000 to 50,000 products in stock several thousand times a day for individual customer orders. This results in more than 100,000 individual articles picked on a daily basis.

SRP gains include:

• 2,400 picks per hour
• 100,000 items picked per day
• Costs less than corresponding conventional workstations with the same throughput
• Can process orders outside usual shift times
• High speed reduces order processing time
• Flexible and fast picture processing

The application of the SRP is not limited to order picking – it is also highly suitable for returns handling, an area of logistics gaining more and more importance – especially in mail order trade.

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