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Staffordshire Moorlands roll out new recycling initiative

using 50/50 twin packs. The popularity of Dennis Eagle's high capacity Twin Pack recycling RCV continues unabated, with Staffordshire Moorlands District Council being one of the latest local authorities to use the double compartment bodywork option to deliver a new recycling initiative that has recently been rolled out across the district.

Supplied by Northampton-based SFS – the council's refuse and street cleansing vehicle supply and maintenance partners – it is Dennis Eagle's 50/50 Twin Pack that has been specified in this instance to help the council increase its recycling rates and follows the decision by Staffordshire Moorlands to move away from the kerbside collection of recyclables.

Replacing a recycling initiative that was previously implemented by third party contractors, the 50/50 equally split body compartments of the new Twin Packs are being used to collect dry recyclables using both 140 litre wheeled bins and bags. Cans, plastics and glass collected in wheeled bins are being deposited in one of the Twin Packs general compaction bodies, the other being used for paper.

Operating across some 38,000 properties within Staffordshire Moorlands, the Twin Packs have already begun to impact positively on the council's recycling and composting rates. Comments the council's Head of Environmental Services, Craig Hatton: “We are already achieving recycling and composting rates that are in excess of 60%, whereas the previous figure was in the region of only 35%. We took the decision to switch from kerbside collection in light of the latest research that identified potentially serious health and safety issues involved in collecting recyclables in such a manner.

“Not only does the recycling figure that we are already achieving validate our decision to implement this change, we believe that we have also made it easier for our residents to collect recyclable materials,” he added.

Unveiled at the RWM in 2005, the high capacity 50/50 Twin Pack complements the ever popular and original 70/30 body split model that was first introduced in the UK in 1987. Featuring two ten cubic metre capacity body compartments that are totally separate, the 50/50 Twin Pack also features interdependent tailgate and operational systems to safeguard against waste contamination at all stages of the collection and recycling process.


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