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Stanley lifts Comau Estil with Sprinter 140 Fold powered stairclimber

An old catalogue, kept in the offices of leading manufacturing systems integrators Comau Estil, led the company to approach Stanley Handling for help on the assembly line of a prestigious motor manufacturer.

Bodies for a luxurious new model are assembled in the company’s ‘body in white’ (BIW) factory. The layout of this particular section of the production facility requires heavy gas cylinders, required in the manufacturing process, to be moved over a raised step and this presented a degree of manual handling that risked accident and injury.

After an on-site demonstration and full training from Stanley Handling, a Sprinter 140 Fold powered stairclimber is now enabling technicians to move the required equipment quickly, easily and safely.

The Sprinter has a rugged aluminium alloy frame yet weighs only 16kg. Fitted with pneumatic tyres, a folding toe plate and ‘snap on’ battery, the Sprinter can handle loads of up to 140kg across uneven ground, up and down stairs and along narrow and winding corridors right to the point of delivery.

Sarah Stanley, Stanley Handling Limited
Tel: 01582 767711 – Fax: 01582 765994 – e-mail: sarah@stanleyhandling.co.uk

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