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Stanley Rocks Gibraltar!

When vending equipment specialist VenCom took delivery of the first PowerMate stairclimber in Gibraltar the small, close-knit business community watched with interest.

VenCom supply vending machines to sites including offices, hotels and sports centres. With commercial space at a premium in Gibraltar, many businesses are situated in high-rise blocks, often without lifts, so delivery of the large, heavy machines was always going to be difficult. With the additional experience of being the local Xerox distributor, director Justin Durrant felt there had to be an easier way to move both types of equipment to and from clients' premises.

Stanley Handling's PowerMate stairclimber range was suggested and, after initial scepticism, VenCom acquired an M2B heavyweight model. Following staff training in the UK the PowerMate went into service and immediately drew a crowd as it unloaded equipment and negotiated steps, staircases and corridors. Business enquiries followed and now Justin and his PowerMate – besides handling both their own vending and reprographic equipment – are regularly rented out to other companies delivering a range of items including safes and ATMs.

Recently the PowerMate was used to carry large electric lift motors to the top of an office block. As the alternative would have been to hire a helicopter, both time and cost were kept to a minimum! As Justin Durrant commented; “I was unsure at first but the PowerMate has been a revelation. We couldn't do the job we do without it now.”

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