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Staples UK order 10 ROBOT pallet stretch wrappers from Aetna UK

Staples USA opened its first store in Massachusetts in 1986. 20 years later, thanks to its vision for recognising and meeting the office products needs of its customers, Staples has become the world's largest office products company employing over 65,000 people worldwide.

When Staples UK reviewed their pallet wrapping operation, they decided to upgrade from traditional hand wrapping to pallet stretch wrapping. The parameters for the new machine were strict. It had to be of robust construction and capable of wrapping irregularly shaped pallets whilst operating in a small confined area. Once started, it could wrap the pallets without operator assistance, and then be portable enough to be moved out of the way once wrapping was complete.

Staples UK talked to other member companies of the Group and discovered that the Robopac ROBOT pallet stretchwrapper was the machine of choice, with 96 operating within distribution depots throughout the USA and Canada. Based on this success, Staples UK placed an order for 10 Robopac ROBOT pallet stretchwrappers with Aetna UK.

Staples operations manager Andy Haycock said: “In our industry turnaround time from receipt of the product into the warehouse to dispatch, is critical. The battery powered self-guiding ROBOT pallet stretchwrapper is extremely versatile and needs very little space in which to operate. It is small enough to be parked out of the way when not in use and is ideal for use in loading bays where the use of fixed location wrappers would be impractical. It can easily wrap irregular stacked pallets and eliminates the back-ache of traditional hand wrapping. Overall the presentation of the pallets using the machines is far superior to hand wrap in terms of stability and safety.”

Aetna UK provides after sales service from their offices in Bedford. They also use their own regionally based UK engineers and advisors to support their many customers and believe that their team, which has been in place for many years, is now the most experienced in the United Kingdom.

For general information about Aetna UK visit www.aetna.co.uk

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