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Steel shafts from MISUMI – the perfect solution

Steel shafts are frequently used in machines and are a basic component of circular guides. MISUMI manufactures and supplies over 550 types of steel shafts for a whole host of industrial applications, offering more than one billion different configuration options. Together with our wide range of linear bushings, these shafts can be used to create variants that are perfectly tailored to specific guide tasks, whatever the requirements.

We offer shafts in a range of lengths, from 10 to 1500 millimetres, with diameters ranging from 3 to 50 millimetres. Variants are available in both the standard and precision accuracy classes, and in tolerance classes g6, h5 and f8. The shafts are manufactured from surface-hardened steels, namely 1.3505/100Cr6, 1.4125/X105CrMo17, 1.4301/X5CrNi18-10 and 1.1191/C45E.

For certain technical requirements, these products can be optimised for their specific application by means of surface treatment. MISUMI offers two finishing variants for shafts: hard chrome plating and low-temperature black chrome plating (LTBC plating). Depending on the process adopted, users benefit from improvements in terms of hardness, wear resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance, friction, adhesion, as well as enhanced visual or reflection properties. Thanks to improved corrosion prevention and reduced friction, the lifetime of LTBC-plated components is considerably increased.

With a wide range of options available in terms of dimensions and shape—as well as various end finish and thread type options—these shafts can be configured with a high degree of accuracy and ordered to suit specific applications.

Compared with conventional in-house or contract manufacturing solutions, purchasing parts from MISUMI is faster and more cost-effective. This is because planning and outsourcing individual work stages, such as material procurement, set-up, machining, induction hardening, plating and quality assurance, is costly and time-consuming. A comparison of MISUMI, a general manufacturing plant and a different provider regarding the procurement of thermal-treated, surface-plated shafts in specific dimensions indicates that MISUMI offers cost savings of 70% and time savings of 68%.

All products are manufactured within the group to the most stringent quality assurance requirements. MISUMI offers free delivery within Germany for quantities of just one item or more. There is no markup for small-volume purchases, minimum goods value or minimum order value.

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