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Steel specialists Abraservice UK, formerly known as IMS UK, extends Creusabro materials range

Steel specialists Abraservice UK, formerly known as IMS UK, have extended their range of Creusabro materials with the introduction of Creusabro Dual, a new, advanced, high performance grade of abrasion resistant steel additionally alloyed with a high titanium content of 0.6%. With its outstanding properties, this innovative grade of material is ideally suited for parts in applications with severe sliding wear conditions where chrome carbide overlay plate has been used for many years such as chutes in the quarrying industry and chutes and screens used within glass, wood, tyre and metal recycling processes.

However, unlike weld overlay plate Creusabro Dual can be welded, drilled and machined and undergo standard processing such as being rolled, formed and fabricated. As a through hardened plate, the Creusabro range has better impact resistance and is therefore ideal for bucket liners, dump truck body liners and bucket cutting edges used in the quarrying and mining sector. Another benefit of this new grade is its high resistance to heat, up to 450⁰C, without significant reduction in hardness. The Creusabro range of products are used in high temperature industries such as the production of cement for clinker exit chutes and screens for sinter and coking screens used in the production of steel.

Creusabro Dual’s unique properties have been created through an innovative metallurgical concept, based on a specific chemical analysis and heat treatment procedures based on oil quenching, rather than the more traditional water quenching method. Oil quenching reduces the level of the residual stresses encountered within the plate, resulting in outstanding extra wear resistance and severe abrasion resistance combined with a high impact cycle load. It is the homogeneous precipitation of extra hard primary titanium carbides in the steel mix that leads to such a significant improvement in the sliding wear resistance in extreme service conditions.

The range of Creusabro specialist steels; Creusabro Dual, Creusabro 8000 and Creusabro 4800 offer exceptional resistance to severe combined abrasion types, abrasion with impact, abrasion with elevated temperature, abrasion and corrosion.

Recycling is a top issue of our days. Side by side testing shows these specialist steels provide an economical solution in abrasive and impact prone environments. In shredding and granulating processes in the tyre recycling industry, screens produced from Creusabro 4800 have been proven to last 2x as long as those produced in standard 400HB steel, which reduces costly downtime and production losses.

Abraservice UK, is one of Europe’s largest independent special steel stockholders and processors, and is the exclusive supplier in the UK market for this new, advanced, high performance grade of steel. Creusabro Dual is the only wear resistant steel at this level of hardness 500HB, currently available on the market that offers customers such high abrasion resistance combined with high resistance to cracking in service.

"The addition of Creusabro Dual to this family of specialist steels is a fantastic new product for us to bring to the market. It brings exceptional material properties suitable for many applications in different industries including recycling and quarrying and mining. We have the whole range of Creusabro materials in stock and are also able to offer our processing services to customers with specific application requirements" stated Nick Taylor, General Manager at Abraservice UK.

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