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STEPPIN project releases procurer handbook on using standards

The STEPPIN project has launched its innovative user handbook at its end of project congress in Amsterdam on Monday 13th October.

The project is supported by the European Commission under the Europe INNOVA initiative

The STEPPIN Handbook will help public procurers to make better use of open standards in their tender documents. This way, procurers will stimulate contractors to offer more innovative products and services. The STEPPIN handbook is designed to work as a manual and will guide public procurers to find the right standards and cope with the legal requirements for using them.

The STEPPIN Handbook is conceived as a manual which is designed for day to day use by procurement professionals. In a first step, the STEPPIN Handbook describes the legal framework of public procurement with focussing on the international, European and national legal situation. Secondly, a seven-step methodology for finding and using standards will guide the procurer through the procurement process from the definition of the goods or services being bought to the actual reference of the standard. For each step, the Handbook offers a self-explanatory example and gives concrete tips how to proceed.

For more information about the development and content of the STEPPIN Handbook, please refer to the annex of this press release.

Within the Europe INNOVA initiative, STEPPIN is part of the Standards Network which aims to demonstrate the competitive advantages of applying standards to enhance innovation in Europe. The ambition of STEPPIN is to stimulate innovation by improving the way existing standards are used in European public procurement processes.
Europe INNOVA (funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme) aspires to inform, assist, mobilise and network the key stakeholders in the field of entrepreneurial innovation, including firm managers, policy makers, cluster managers, investors and relevant associations.

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