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Stertil Closed Door Docking System eliminates temperature and hygiene problems

Stertil Closed Door Docking System eliminates temperature and hygiene problems

Stertil Dock Products has an enviable reputation for developing proven handling solutions for manufacturing companies, distribution centres and warehousing sites throughout the world. This expertise often embraces the introduction of solutions to meet the specific requirements of the food industry where temperature control and hygiene is of the utmost importance.

The unique Stertil Closed Door Docking system combines a smooth and safe loading and unloading operation with comprehensive protection against external temperatures, draughts, dust, insects and vermin. This is achieved by a controlled sequence of movements involving lorries, inflatable dock shelters, dock levellers and loading bay doors.

At the heart of the Closed Door Docking System is the Stertil WI-Series inflatable dock shelter which features inflatable top and side cushions to ensure a virtually airtight seal between docked lorries and the warehouse building. This allows all loading and unloading operations to be completed swiftly and safely. For those applications where improved seals are required, the WI-Series dock shelter may be installed with additional draught side-curtains to help seal the gaps created by vehicle ‘barn’ doors.

Stertil Closed Door Docking System

Installed to operate in tandem with the WI-Series inflatable dock shelter is Stertil’s X-Series stepped frame dock leveller. Incorporating an infinitely adjustable telescopic lip, the leveller ensures the smooth and safe movement of loads between a vehicle and the loading bay. To accommodate the widest range of load sizes, the X-Series leveller may be specified complete with varying lip lengths up to 1000mm. The leveller is also easy to operate using a simple push button control panel located within the warehouse. Importantly, the X-Series telescopic dock leveller is manufactured from galvanised steel to ensure robustness and unbeatable performance in all weather conditions.

“Our development team has designed the Stertil Closed Door Docking System to offer complete protection against adverse operating conditions,” says Andy Georgiou, General Manager of Stertil Dock Products. “By eliminating fluctuations in temperature and ensuring hermetic sealing, our system is proving to be extremely popular with both cold storage and ambient facilities within the UK’s food industries.”

For more information, visit: https://stertil-dockproducts.co.uk/industry-solutions/climate-control-and-insulation

Brochures are available for download at: https://stertil-dockproducts.co.uk/uploads/2019/02/95004120-folder-temperature-control-gb-14-01-2019-lr.pdf

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