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Stertil Koni Lifts support second series of Classic Car Rescue

Following the huge popularity of the first series of Channel Five’s Classic Car Rescue, two 3000kg capacity vehicle lifts from Stertil Koni will once again be playing a vital role in helping the show’s stars, Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione, to restore shameful rust buckets to their former ‘classic car’ glory in this year’s second series.

In Series One, the fiery duo restored a Jaguar E-Type, a Mini Cooper, a Cadillac, a Ford Mustang, a Porsche 911 and an MGB Roadster. Working to a tight deadline and an even tighter budget, they scoured scrapyards, wasteland and backyards to find bargain wrecks with great potential. Having found the cars, they then needed to source the rare, original parts and piece together the vital organs of these sleeping beasts to re-create their classic beauty.

The success of the show owed much to the question of whether or not the finished job would be good enough to impress an expert valuer and put a glittering price tag on the gleaming bonnet. Sparks and spanners flew as Bernie and Mario met designers, engineers, owners and lovers of these magnificent cars to discuss why these models turned dreams into reality, how they introduced new technology and why they were so desirable.

Scheduled for screening this Autumn, Series Two will once again see Bernie and Mario relying on a pair of 2-post vehicle lifts, type SK2030, to safely raise and lower classic cars during the restoration work. With its baseless design, folded steel columns and the asymmetric positioning of the double-telescopic lifting arms, access to vehicles is completely unrestricted. A pick-up height of just 90mm makes the SK2030 suitable for sports cars up to light commercial vans and its maximum lifting height of 2.02 metres is reached in only 25 seconds.

"These Stertil Koni lifts are the dog’s bits!" says Bernie Fineman. "We have enough hairy moments during the show without having to worry about the lifts letting us down. As far as I’m concerned, they’re fast, smooth and easy to operate. I’ve used many different types of lifts in my time and these are definitely the Rolls Royces of the bunch!"

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