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Stertil Stokvis goes one better with new generation of dock levellers

Loading bay specialist Stertil Stokvis has introduced an improved range of dock levellers. For some years, the company's HW series has been widely acknowledged as the most advanced range of dock levellers available, providing the smoothest and easiest transition between vehicle and warehouse. However, Stertil Stokvis is about to go one better with the launch of its next generation of ergonomic dock levellers.

Stertil Stokvis has a reputation for offering a robust and high-quality range of electro-hydraulic dock levellers that competitors struggle to match. The new generation comprises three versions of leveller: the S series – featuring a swing lip; the X series – incorporating a telescopic lip; and the P series – the parallelogram model, with its unprecedented lip design.

All have the option to be either pit-mounted or frame-mounted / suspended, depending on the application. The hinged lip of the S series is hydraulically extended into position and is suitable for most standard applications. The telescopic lip of the X series gives this model a greater operating range, enabling it to accommodate many different vehicle sizes, as well as stepped vehicle floors, such as in refrigerated trucks. The telescopic lip can bridge a vehicle tail-lift if required and can also be infinitely adjusted to allow unrestricted use of the full loading area right to the back of the vehicle.

Stertil Stokvis's new P series leveller has a hinged parallelogram lip which remains horizontal at all times, giving the optimum lip-to-platform angle. This provides a very smooth transition when loading or unloading, improving speed and minimising impact on loading trucks, resulting in reduced maintenance. Impact on the human body is also lessened, reducing the risk of operator injury. The new design eliminates the normal problems associated with 'lip crown' angles, especially when operating below dock. Like all models, the P series is available with an optional anti-slip coating, which gives even smoother running and can reduce noise levels by up to 16dB; particularly useful in built up or residential areas.

All models feature simple, push-button controls and a standard load capacity of 6000kg SAL. They are all capable of servicing vehicles both above and below dock level, automatically accommodating the full range of vehicle suspension movement during loading. The platform tops are manufactured from a single piece of high-tensile steel plate giving maximum strength while maintaining torsional flexibility. For greater stability, all models have, as standard, patented twin safety support legs that provide the full rated load when the leveller is in the parked position. The unique full-width multi-point rear platform hinge provides a smooth transition point and minimises finger traps. The S and P series feature Stertil Stokvis's unique patented self-cleaning open lip hinge, which allows dirt and debris to fall through. The hinge has a very large weld area on each support, providing much greater strength than a traditional 'piano' type hinge.

“It was never going to be easy to improve on the highly-successful HW series, but I'm confident we have achieved that,” says Andrew Georgiou, general manager of Stertil Stokvis's loading bay division, “We've fine-tuned the features of this new range to ensure that the quality of the operation remains superior in every respect to other dock levellers on the market.”

Stertil Stokvis is a market leader with over 40 years' experience in loading bays and dock areas and has an international reputation as a specialist in its field. The company's main focus is always on quality, both in design and production, to ensure years of trouble-free operation and its dock leveller range complies fully with all safety requirements of the European Directive EN 1398. All Stertil Stokvis dock levellers can be supplied with a 5 year warranty.

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