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Stertil Stokvis loading bay specialist install six dock levellers for John G Russell Transport


Stertil Stokvis has completed a major loading bay project for Scottish logistics firm
Keen to make the right purchasing decision, the team at John G Russell spent time researching and collating information from different suppliers to make sure they achieved the correct specification and type of pit construction, as well as ensuring the equipment’s long term suitability.

Stertil Stokvis, in turn, undertook a detailed survey of the client’s operation, including on-site manual handling equipment and types of vehicles to be accommodated, so that it was able confidently to specify and recommend the appropriate loading bay equipment.

Six SP3020 eight-tonne capacity dock levellers were installed, with Stertil Stokvis also constructing the pits to house them. The popular S Series dock leveller incorporates a robust hinged lip and smooth operation of each leveller
is controlled by a single push button that not only raises and lowers the platform but also extends the lip.

"We had very specific requirements and Stertil Stokvis worked with us to satisfy these," says David Wallace, John G Russell’s Purchasing Manager. "They’ve been very professional through every stage of the project including supply, installation and commissioning. Also, everything has been done as promised and on time. After-sales back-up has been impressive too and, if the products continue to perform well, we can see this being a long-term relationship."

To complete the new installation, David Wallace added a number of loading bay accessories including dock bumpers, wheel guides, traffic lights and door in-fills. All six bays were handed over and are now in use and the reliability of the Stertil Stokvis equipment will be carefully monitored, as further development of loading bays at Coatbridge and John G Russell’s other sites is intended in the future.

Stertil Stokvis is a market leader with over 50 years’ experience in loading bays and dock areas and has an international reputation as a specialist in its field. The company focuses on quality, both in design and production, to ensure years of trouble-free operation. Stertil Stokvis recommends consultation at an early stage in dock planning, to ensure products are correctly selected, both for size and suitability.

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