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Stertil Stokvis’s Stoklift scissor lift tables become increasingly specified users

Launched by materials handling specialist Stertil Stokvis last year, the new generation of Stoklift scissor lift tables is becoming increasingly specified by many users across a broad range of industries.

Scissor lift tables are one of the most widely-used and flexible products in materials handling and Stertil Stokvis has been supplying many different types and sizes through its loading bay division for many years. The new Stoklift range represents a significant investment in design and production resources to provide quality engineered products to the UK marketplace.

The Stoklift range features a wide selection of models offering bespoke platform sizes and lifting capacities from 1000kg. Stoklift models offer a variety of lifting heights, formats and configurations to simplify numerous manual handling tasks including vehicle loading and unloading, work positioning and machine feeding. Users may specify capacities, stroke (distance of travel) and formats to accommodate applications ranging from simple lightweight goods handling to the most complex process-linked machines in high-speed production lines.

All Stoklift scissor lift tables are designed and constructed to combine outstanding performance with a long and reliable working life. Operating safety has been an overriding consideration with all tables meeting or exceeding the requirements of the current edition of EN 1570 and already incorporating features suggested in the new proposed standard EN 1570-1 2011. The tables also comply with not only the EC Machinery Directive but also other relevant EC Directives and every machine is CE marked.

Standard safety features across the new Stoklift range include a set of three independent devices that immediately stop movement of the table if a problem is encountered. The first of these is a constant-pressure dead-man control that operates instantly if the operating push button is released. This feature is supported by a contact safety edge fitted beneath all four sides of the platform which is activated if the platform meets an obstruction during lowering. The final element of the trio is a fast-acting emergency stop button that may be simply pressed in an emergency to halt all movement of the table.

Other safety features of the latest Stertil Stokvis scissor lift tables include mechanical rising gate fins that operate automatically when the tables’ gates are shut. These fins secure the gates and prevent them from being opened when the platform is in the wrong position. Also, an integral pipe-break valve is fitted to each cylinder to ensure slow, controlled descent of the platform in the event of hydraulic failure. Every model may be specified complete with other complementary safety fitments including safety rails and toe boards, safety skirts and mechanical locking safety struts to prevent movement of the lift platform during maintenance work. Clear safety signs and warning notices for the guidance of operators and servicing personnel are fitted to all tables as standard.

Robustness and resilience are assured by the all-steel construction of the new Stoklifts. Strengthened platforms minimise distortion when loads being handled are positioned off-centre while generously-sized base frames provide maximum stability. Hydraulic cylinders are positioned between the scissor legs to prevent distortion of the base frame and pivoting universal cylinder mounts eliminate wear due to side thrusts when the lift table is operated with an offset load.

"Since launching our new Stoklift range last year, we’ve been extremely pleased with the reaction from companies of all sizes across a diverse range of industries," Says Andy Georgiou, general manager of Stertil Stokis’s loading bay division. "As a company, we have supplied loading bay equipment, including scissor lifts, for over 50 years. Now, following heavy investment in both design and production facilities to produce a new generation of scissor lift tables, the market seems to recognise that the Stoklift range offers a unique combination of quality, performance and reliability."

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