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STILL saving time – Samsung Electronics UK

Nasus Mechanical Handling, STILL's Shrewsbury-based Distributor has reduced Samsung Electronics UK's lead time with two new STILL MX-X man-up order pickers at its Telford spare parts distribution hub.

The Telford warehouse is Samsung Electronics' only spare parts distribution hub in Europe and therefore of utmost importance to maintaining a high standard of customer service. Fast and reliable order picking trucks were needed to improve despatch lead times, but with the added necessity of a low closed mast height.

Jim Frame, Warehouse and Distribution Manager at the Telford site explains: “Due to the vast range of products Samsung has available, it's necessary to keep an even wider range of spare parts. This can mean a tiny screw for a mobile phone up to a double door for an American style fridge-freezer!

“Each country to which Samsung ships spare parts has different requirements,” Jim continued. “For example, pallets of single pick items may be sent to France or Spain, but Eastern European countries may only accept bulk palletised shipments – largely due to their less sophisticated Customs and Excise abilities.”

As well as reducing handling times, the other main obstacle in the warehouse was the transfer aisle. Racking has been used above the transfer section – in effect creating a tunnel of racking. This means there is only 3.6 metres clearance for a mast. Lisa McNally, Sales Director for Nasus said: “We looked at a number of options for Samsung, but by far the best solution was provided by STILL's new modular MX-X.”

Built on a modular chassis, the MX-X can be configured to a customer's exact requirements – creating a tailor made truck. In Samsung's case, Nasus specified a short chassis with a Triplex mast. This meant the trucks required a smaller turning area at the end of the aisle and their closed mast height is no higher than the overhead guard – 3.4 metres in this case. This answered Samsung's safety concerns and also provided the compact frame required by the installation.

“We visited STILL's head office with Nasus and actually reproduced our floor area in STILL's demonstration arena,” said Jim. “From this we were able to see the area available in real terms and make sure there was sufficient room to manoeuvre. The next step was to conduct time trials. At the end of the exercise we were saving approximately 2.5 minutes per pick and, with up to 4,000 picks per day, this equates to a great deal of time saved over a year.

“Not only do the new trucks save us time and money, but the drivers enjoy using them,” said Jim, adding: “The sales and service support supplied by Nasus have really helped our operation.”

STILL Materials Handling Ltd
Aston Way
PR26 7UX
T: 01772 644300

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