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Stock take process revolutionised

WIS International, the York based, stock taking company, is about to revolutionise FMCG counting, with a new hand-held counting terminal. These have already been implemented within ASDA.

The new hand-held Data Collectors have been designed by the in house team at WIS to specifically give customers exactly what they need for an efficient, speedy and accurate stock check. The new WIS 550 is unique, and will guarantee the company's famous 99.5% accuracy, while aiming to achieve the ultimate 100%.

The new device will be the world's most powerful, fastest and scalable inventory terminal and is custom engineered for accuracy and speed. It has been designed from the ground up, to ensure data integrity throughout, and through numerous advanced technical and audit checks-and-balances. The comprehensive inventory capability includes custom reports & modem infra-red communications support. Each unit can accommodate even the largest master file, permitting in-terminal validation of data entry and the operating System comprehensively adapts to new hardware. No data is lost due to the non-volatile data storage, and it has built in industry-standard laser scanners, enhanced for increased scan reliability

The key to an exacting stock-take is in the quality of the equipment and the level of professionalism and training of the work force. The teams at WIS are the only ones in the sector to have been awarded the Investment in People accolade, so their worth has been proved time and again.

The UK management team have been perfecting the use of the new handhelds at their Canadian headquarters, learning to capitalise on the benefits they will bring to businesses. To ensure that all 250 counting staff employed at WIS are fully familiar with the Data Collector, they will all take part in a full training programme at each of the four regional offices and while on the job. This training is considered so crucial to the operation that colleagues from Canada will be coming to the UK to ensure a smooth and successful transition from the old to the new.

Geoff Chaplin, Managing Director of WIS International Ltd., says “This really put us in a class of our own, as nobody has this level of sophisticated equipment to give clients such an accurate count. We work to a minimum of 99.5% accuracy which is way above anyone else in the sector”.

The new Data Collectors are being implemented throughout the world as WIS operates from over 200 international offices, serving retailers and FMCG companies in mainland Europe, USA, Canada and the Far East.


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