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STONEHALL SHUNTY new truck mounted forklift launched in the UK

Following a six-year intensive research, prototype development, and testing programme, a new era in truck-mounted forklift technology, the Stonehall Shunty, is launched in the UK.

Designed and manufactured by Stonehall Engineering of Shannon, Ireland, the Stonehall Shunty is testament to the team of talented folks at Stonehall who have just one goal; to create the very best in truck-mounted forklifts.

Here, Stonehall Engineering Sales and Export Manager James McInerney briefly explains why the Stonehall Shunty, with its patented telescopic boom configuration, outperforms the competition.

“Early on, we recognized that the industry had a need for a truck-mounted forklift that is both lightweight and is able to unload a truck or trailer from one side. A faster turnaround time increases the truck productivity and improves delivery scheduling. One-side off-loading achieves this because it is quicker and requires fifty percent less space than forklifts that have to off-load from both sides. Also, at some delivery locations, access to both sides of the truck or trailer is only possible if the truck or trailer can be turned around. Such a time consuming problem becomes a thing of the past with one-side off-loading. Another benefit to one side off-loading if you have a curtainsider is that only one curtain needs to opened to unload – again a time saving.”

“Our competitors address the task of one side off-loading by adding heavy attachments such as load-assists, pantograph-reaches and telescoping forks. This will allow you to unload from one side, but it does so by adding to the weight and maintenance burden of the forklift and the transport carrier vehicle.”

“In today's climate of rising running costs, this is something that most operations would rather not do if given an alternative. Well, now there is an alternative with the Stonehall Shunty.”

“The Shunty can perform this same task and can be as much as 300kg or more lighter than competing solutions of the same capacity class. Such a weight saving is significant and we achieve this simply and efficiently with our patented telescopic boom configuration.”

“Not only does our telescoping boom provide sufficient reach to unload the far side of the carrier vehicle, but more importantly, as our boom extends, the bulk of our ballast weight which helps us lift the payload remains stationary and toward the rear of the forklift where it is most beneficial. We also integrate a purpose built sideshift in to our fork carriage to minimize load center shift when sideshifting a load. In all, this allows us to provide a lighter machine and why there isn't a truck-mounted forklift in our weight class that can do what the Stonehall Shunty can do when it comes to unloading a truck or trailer from one side.”

“The reliability and the simple design of the telescopic boom with its self-lubricating greaseless slides also mean lower maintenance and less down time than competing truck-mounted forklifts. Broken or stretched chains, seized or shattered bearings are now a problem of the past with the Stonehall Shunty,” he adds. Load handling is also greatly improved since there is no mast to obscure the operator.”

“One-side off-loading is the direction this industry is moving and we reckon we have found a niche in the market with the Shunty. Our forklift isn't for everybody, but if you need to unload a truck or trailer from one side, then you should take a serious look at the Shunty before making a purchase commitment elsewhere,” he says.

“I have total confidence in this product – I will stand over it any day of the week. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and it does it very well. The benefits are many to having this machine and if anyone wants a demonstration, it can be easily arranged,” he adds.

The Shunty is competitively priced and currently available in three models. The 3325 and the 3325XD which have a two and a half tonne capacity, and the 3330 which has a three tonne capacity. Models are available with a full free lift height of up to 3.76m (12ft 4in) and a forward reach capability of up to 1.87m (6ft 2in). All models come with permanent all wheel drive and traction control making them suitable for traversing rough terrain. A two tonne machine shall be added to the series in the not too distant future.

Stonehall is also very pleased to announce the appointment of Cheshire based Manton Hire & Sales Ltd as the UK mainland agents for the Stonehall Shunty. For sales, pricing, or a free no obligation demonstration, call Peter Grindey at 01244 531 496 or visit their website at www.mantonhire.com.

For further information on the Stonehall Shunty truck-mounted forklift with telescopic boom, telephone Stonehall Engineering Co. Ltd. at 00353 61 361855 or fax 00353 61 361009. Alternatively, you can visit their website at www.stonehall.com or email info@stonehall.com

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