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Stop, imagine, change

In 2007, 3,059 people were killed and 28,871 seriously injured on the UK's roads in 2007 – that's 614 people every week.

Mary Williams OBE, chief executive of Brake, said: “Most of us worry about a loved one being killed on the road, but we also think it will happen to somebody else and not our family. Road Safety Week 08 is wake up call that one in 252 people die on roads; children, young adults just starting out, mums and dads, and beloved grandparents – and each death sends out crippling shock waves in communities. We all need to take a moment daily to think of the reality of road death and injury, take a hard, cold look at our behaviour on roads and improve it, for the sake of our own loved ones and others, whether that's by slowing down, not overtaking, switching off our mobiles, belting up our children in child seats, or holding their hands. Stop. Imagine. Change.”


International express and logistics company DHL is displaying road safety posters at its 330 sites and employees across the company are being asked to sign Brake's Pledge to Drive Safely. DHL is also running road safety roadshows, which will be attended by employees, their families, fire-fighters and police.

Dean Clamp, SHE Manager, DHL Exel Supply Chain UK, says: “DHL is proud to be associated with Brake and Road Safety Week. As an operator of a large number of vehicles in the UK, road safety is of paramount importance to us. Through the DHL UK Foundation, we take part in the Trucks and Child Safety programme in which DHL employees volunteer to teach school children about road safety, highlighting vehicle blind spots and stopping distances. Around 20,000 children between the ages of seven and 11 receive training each year free of charge.”

Telecommunications giant BT is lending support to national Road Safety Week by re-launching its Friends and Family Road Safety Programme. This includes an online driver training module, One More Second, designed to extend driver training for BT employees to their families, friends and communities, to help keep them safe on the road. To date more than 5,000 people have visited the website, but the company is urging even more people to take part.

BT's Group Safety Advisor Dave Wallington said: “During the last six years we have assessed and developed the driving behaviours of over 65,000 of our own people, and seen significant reductions in our collision rate and associated costs. Re-launching our Family and Friends initiative is a natural extension of this programme, and an opportunity for the community to participate in a scheme which is already helping to keep BT Employees safe at work.”

Haulage company Thomas Hardie Commercials is taking its Little Truckers Club into a local primary school to give a road safety presentation, which will provide children with practical advice on how to stay safe when traffic is around. Thomas Hardie staff will take along their fully working 'Tommy Truck', the club's mascot, which they will use to demonstrate how drivers' visibility can be obscured by the cab height. (The Little Truckers Club is a membership club for under-sevens. For more information, see www.littletruckersclub.com.)

Keith Daintry, product manager at Thomas Hardie Commericals' Little Truckers Club, added: “With the help of Brake, the Little Truckers Club has developed a new section of the website, aimed at both children and parents to help educate and inform about the significance of road safety. The Little Truckers Club feels it's our duty because good road safety advice can actively help to reduce the number of road related crashes by teaching simple road safety advice to young children through games, stories and other fun activities.”

PS Transport, a haulage and distribution firm in Grimsby, is visiting four local schools during Road Safety Week. The company is taking one of its 44-tonne articulated trucks to schools to encourage children to appreciate the sheer size of the vehicle. Children will sit in the cab as their classmates stand in blind spots to demonstrate the danger.

For all media enquiries, further case studies and examples of other Road Safety Week initiatives, contact Jane Whitham, Senior Communications Officer, Brake, 01484 531774 (direct dial) or 01484 559909.

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