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Stop&Go – Innovation in service of TCO

Manitou designs and presents the all-new hydraulic "Stop and Start" system, called "Stop&Go". Available as an option for the Manitou brand 14 to 18 meter MT telescopic truck models sold in Europe, the "Stop&Go" is especially adapted for onsite applications where machines tend to idle between handling operations.

In short…

The "Stop&Go" system automatically cuts the engine when it is not being used (after 30 seconds) and when the hydraulic commands are not being operated. When the operator presses on the accelerator or activates a hydraulic command, the engine starts back up.

In practical terms: The engine stops. The operator accelerates or activates a hydraulic command. The machine starts back up through the intermediary of a hydraulic starter which feels the pressure of an accumulator.

The Stop&Go system was jointly developed with manufacturer Poclain Hydraulics, based in France, to respond to the user cycles of telescopic trucks. This 100% hydraulic system demonstrates optimal reliability.

100% benefits for the customer

Note that on construction sites, the machine is in idling mode an average of 30% of the time.

The usefulness of "Stop&Go"? Reduce fuel consumption and engine wear when being used on sites. Up to 5% in fuel savings.

In addition to energy savings, Manitou offers (the rental companies and endusers) the possibility to optimize their ownership costs. The engine will be less utilised, maintenance checks will be further spaced apart and the resale price will be higher. Not to mention the comfort of working on an improved site with less noise.

An example:

MT 1840 IIIB based on an average use of 800h/yr

– With Stop&Go = 180h/yr less run time

– -5% consumption, or 306 liters saved

– After 3 years: 1 maintenance check (every 500h) saved

– After 5 years, up to one year of hours of engine use saved

*Total Cost of Ownership

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