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Strapping company confirms “easy installation” of Leuze Mayser entry-exit systems

David Hearn, Managing Director of Cyklop (UK) considers the safe Entry-Exit system designed and manufactured in the UK by Leuze Mayser to be ‘excellent equipment’ and currently uses it when his company undertakes turnkey strapping projects. “It is proving to be the ideal invisible guard across the in-feed and out-feed conveyors to our high-speed strapping systems,” say David Hearn.

The Leuze Mayser safe Entry-Exit system offers a simple plug and play concept for connectivity of safety barriers to their associated controls. Although the beams from the safety barriers pass directly across a production or packaging line, they do not react to the product or package itself, only to people passing into the area of the hazardous machinery. This is achieved using muting sensors which momentarily negate the action of the safety beam as the item passes; during this period access to the hazardous machine is blocked by the actual load. When the load has passed through the barrier, the safety operation is returned to its normal guarding mode.

Cyklop specialise in the supply of strapping machines ideally suited to paper industries such as those involved in corrugated card production, glass bottle manufacture as well as the construction industry for strapping blocks and bricks. The machine securely binds product together onto a pallet or in the case of bricks, strapping takes place using the voids created in the bundle, these are subsequently used for pick-up by fork lift truck. In these applications in-feed and out-feed conveyors are deployed for transfer and it is here that Cyklop relies on the Leuze Mayser safe Entry-Exit system to achieve the high degree of required protection .

Success of the safe Entry-Exit system is attributed to the simplified on-site installations achieved by the plug and play design. For each application Leuze Mayser builds a bespoke safety solution interfacing all controls and controlling elements, supplying Cyklop with components that simply plug together, eliminating any on-site configuration. This feature, coupled with proven, reliable product technology is winning wide acceptance by site engineers of the Leuze Mayser system. “We are realising a significant reduction in the installation time of the safety aspect of our projects since using Leuze Mayser products. Also we can rely on delivery, making project planning more straightforward, ” say David Hearn from Cyklop.

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