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Streamline order picking with top VOX new Bluetooth headset topSPEECH BlueMaster

That pick by voice solutions significantly streamline order picking processes by reducing workflow steps has been long talked about among logistics companies. But the end of the road in terms of productivity, however, is still far from being reached. This is now being addressed by top-VOX with their new Bluetooth headset topSPEECH BlueMaster. Since wiring is no longer required between the headset and the PDA on which the PbV solution topSpeech-Lydia is installed, the pickers can go about their tasks more ergonomically. Cable spaghetti is a thing of the past.

Furthermore, the headset has audio broadband transmission available and is thus suitable for speaker-independent recognition. The integration of the NoiseMaster ensures that noise sources of all kinds are reliably eliminated and thus can not inhibit voice-directed work flow. A replaceable 750 mAh battery ensures a running time of about 15 – 20 hours. A unique feature is the placement of the Bluetooth module in the microphone capsule rather than the headphones. This is a further advantage for employees in terms of ergonomics. The entire system can be seen at Logistics Link South 2011 (Sandown Park, Esher, booth 193).

The topSPEECH-BlueMaster headset and topSpeech-Lydia 6.0 together make a powerful duo that give a quick pace to order picking processes. In this way top-VOX makes the next step possible for users in terms of optimizing their picking results. All at once that provides minimized costs, an increase in the workflow and thus a rise in the number of orders processed.

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