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Strength, precision and versatility all from a compact cylinder

Some of the most common causes of actuator failures are misalignment or excessive loads being applied to the piston rod, and ingress of external contaminants such as dust, sand, flour or even weld spatter. If these are issues causing costly breakdowns to your production line, the MGP series from SMC – global pneumatics experts – is the answer.
Despite its compact profile, a robust specification means the MGP is strong enough to handle heavy and even offset loads; the MGPS variant can stop an object mass of just over 1,900kg – equivalent to a family saloon car!* But this resilient cylinder can still provide the accuracy needed for applications where precision cannot be compromised – for example in pick-and-place operations involving small workpieces.

Ingenious design means the MGP has versatility built in, with bore sizes from 12 to 100mm, stroke lengths from 10 to 400mm (intermediate options can be made to order), four different mounting options for easy positioning, piping available from two directions, and two auto-switch mounting options. Customers can also choose from slide bearing or ball bushing to suit the application, and an end-lock option to hold the cylinder’s home position even if the air supply is cut off.

The MGP takes harsh environments in its stride, thanks to the option of a coil scraper or heavy-duty scraper, to help prevent failures due to the adhesion and ingress of contaminants such as dust, flour, frost and even weld spatter. Air cushioning is included as standard, providing almost three times the kinetic energy absorption of the rubber bumpers in other manufacturers’ cylinders.

Nick Pittwood, SMC’s UK Sales Manager said, "The MGP series is a real ‘hero’ product – it typifies SMC’s approach to solving everyday problems by combining great performance with a lot of functionality. Any manufacturer looking to achieve guided movements can expect to save time and money by using one of our wide range of MGP cylinders.

"Many of the variants are in stock at our warehouses in the UK and Antwerp, so customers should never wait too long to receive their order – making the MGP the ideal solution to help maximise production levels".
*When object travelling at maximum velocity of 16 m/min

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