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Striking new IVECO S-WAY rigid provides flexibility to JJX Logistics

Striking new IVECO S-WAY rigid provides flexibility to JJX Logistics

JJX Logistics has added a striking new IVECO S-WAY 6×2 (AS260S46Y/P) rigid to its fleet to boost its operational capabilities in urban areas

JJX Logistics is a specialist in time-critical logistics throughout the UK and Europe. Transporting a wide range of cargos for over 25 years, JJX Logistics is also licensed to carry all nine classes of hazardous materials and is TAPA certified for high-value assets.

With the need to accommodate a wide variety of cargo types in urban areas JJX has specced up and built the ultimate IVECO S-WAY rigid capable of carrying up to 15 tonnes.

It joins a 510hp IVECO S-WAY tractor unit on the fleet which managing director John Joseph Donovan was so impressed with he has ordered a range-topping 570hp model for long-haul routes from the UK to Italy as part of a new international contract.

The IVECO S-WAY 6x2p is equipped with a rear lift axle which reduces tyre wear on return trips and improves manoeuvrability.

Additionally, rear air suspension has been specified which further improves the ride and handling and adds extra peace of mind when the truck is carrying sensitive cargoes. The Driver Comfort Plus package further optimises driver comfort with door roller blinds, automatic air conditioning and high comfort seats.

To ensure the truck is self-sufficient when loading and unloading at customer sites, a Palfinger forklift has been mounted on the rear of the Fred Smith and Son-built curtain-sided body. This companion vehicle can lift up to two tonnes and is able to load and unload cargo from the back of this IVECO S-WAY. A full Direct Vision system has also been installed to ensure the truck can operate within the busy confines of London.

This IVECO S-WAY rigid is equipped with a 460hp Cursor 11 diesel engine that delivers strong performance and economy with the help of the optional Aero Plus pack that incorporates a roof spoiler and front cab corner fins.
All JJX Logistics trucks can find themselves travelling into Europe at the drop of a hat, so the IVECO S-WAY infotainment system hosting navigation for the whole of Europe, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine is invaluable.

The distinctive blue and white JJX Logistics livery enhances the design of the IVECO S-WAY. Highlights trim the bold grille, and vibrant splashes of colour follow the natural contours of the Italian-designed bodywork. This stylish livery applied by Baker Ward Stickers Ltd took three weeks to come to fruition, a design that was further enhanced by the addition of a Premium Style Pack which includes aluminium air intakes, a pneumatic horn, an external sun visor, and eye-catching coloured finishes inside the cab.

Commenting on the continued addition of new IVECO S-WAYs onto its fleet managing director John Joseph Donovan said: “We eagerly awaited the truck to come down the supply chain, but now it’s here we are over the moon with it!”

JJX’s IVECO S-WAY Rigid is expected to cover 80,000 – 100,000 miles each year and represents a key asset for JJX Logistics.


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