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Structure-flex builds a new partnership

regulations 1995 amongst many others.

In order to meet the increased demand, Structure-flex has instituted a multi-product sales team which has undergone cross divisional training. Led by Packaging Sales Manager, Matt Doughty, the dedicated sales team consists of Matt Doughty, Paul Severs, James Dunham and Jayne McDermottroe. It's formation puts Structure-flex in a strong position to capitalise on, and increase the sales of both its own, and Debant's wide range of high quality, competitively priced FIBCs.

Over the past 12 months, Structure-flex has created a new model for its FIBC business, which it believes meets the demands and requirements of today's UK food, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers and FIBC users; a dedicated sales team; the implementation of a new enquiry handling system; an FIBC specification software package to complement its flexible and responsive UK production network. The partnership with the Debant Group adds to this and creates what Structure-flex believes is a winning combination.

Matt Doughty, Packaging Sales Manager for the FIBC Division comments:

“I feel that Structure-flex's relationship with the Debant Group builds on our own culture of continuous improvement, seeking to deliver innovative supply chain solutions to our customers.

“The new shape of our FIBC business is delivering improved service and competitiveness to our UK customers, while maintaining the high standards of quality and technical innovation they have come to expect from Structure-flex. We offer customer focused product solutions, the flexibility and responsiveness of UK production facilities, and through the partnership with the Debant Group, the support of a vertically integrated FIBC manufacturer with a global presence.”

For further information and enquiries, contact:

Ian Doughty or Nigel Tompkins

Structure-Flex Ltd Tel: 01263 863100

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