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Sulo launches innovative wheeled waste container

The new 240 litre MFB – Multi Function Bin, that can be used with virtually all vehicle-mounted lifting systems, is compatible with DIN comb, AFNOR, circular and moveable-clamp ‘Grabber’ lifting devices, thereby providing just one type of container that can be handled easily and safely with front- rear- and side-loader vehicles. This, says Sulo, makes the MFB the most versatile container available.

The MFB features a completely re-designed comb structure beneath the rim that consists of both straight and curved sections. With the circular lifting devices used on side-loading vehicles, the lifting mechanism will positively engage with the curved section – not only head-on, but at an angle. This feature is a major benefit where the bin is not standing perfectly parallel with the vehicle; the new design makes lifting easier, quicker and safer. The MFB therefore offers the potential of extending the practicality and cost-efficiency of one-man operations afforded by the use of side-loaders. With comb lifts, the lift mechanism engages with the straight comb section, as with conventional bins.

The honeycomb rib structure beneath the rim ensures perfect spreading of the lifting stresses throughout the bin body during lifting and emptying, thus increasing stability and lift speed, even with dynamic weighing equipment.

The MFB is also shaped differently, with a more rounded, slightly conical, design. This makes the bin ideal for use with Grabber systems, enabling the clamp to grip the body much more securely, throughout the entire lift/empty/lower sequence, than with the squarer traditional bin. As with comb-lift systems this virtually eliminates bin damage and significantly reduces the risk of the bin slipping from the lifting device. Sulo says that the MFB is the first container in Europe that can be safely handled with the moveable clamp system, as a result of its rigid oval shape, the four hinge brackets on the lid and the highly stable wheel mountings.

The MFB is exceptionally strong. Following extensive computer simulations and practical tests the entire structure has been designed to withstand the high stresses and impacts imposed by all kinds of lifting systems, especially side loaders, where lifting speeds are higher, and the lifting distances up to three times longer, than on conventional comb lifts. The MFB is also capable of withstanding the heavy ‘set-down’ impact often inherent with side-loaders.

Overall, the strength of the MFB greatly extends its working life when used with all kinds of lifting systems, thus reducing the punitive costs of replacing damaged bins. A side-benefit of the MFB’s conical design is that refuse always gravitates to the centre of the bin. This reduces the stresses on the bearings of the lifting device, and also prevents refuse from sticking or freezing to the interior. The bins thus empty more efficiently, and are easier and quicker to clean. The MFB is also easier to handle, with a large continuous handle and a recessed step to aid tilting.

Sulo says that the MFB now combines all the advantages of well established technology with innovative new design, to provide a bin that is highly versatile, rugged and safe, offering cost-efficiency through rapid emptying and long service life.

For PRODUCT information please contact:
Max Ryan, General Manager
Sulo MGB Limited
Tel: 01494 511055
Fax: 01494 511044
e-mail: sales@sulo.co.uk
web site: www.sulo.com

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