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Supercharged forklifts "Intelligent" new battery charger from Powercell achieves highest ever efficiency level

Battery specialist Powercell has announced the launch of a new battery charger that delivers the world’s highest charge efficiency: 96%.

For the typical user, the new charger will reduce the cost of each charging cycle by a staggering 30% when compared with conventional models.

Crucially, for owners and operators of forklifts, the charger is compatible with all leading makes of battery, so everyone can benefit from this game-changing leap in performance.

"Chargers are critical to the operating expenditure of forklift trucks," explains Derek Anderson, Managing Director of PowerCell. "It’s all about the quality of the charge. The best models offer improved energy efficiency, deeper charges, longer run times and more energy for every penny. And this is the best of the best."

Combining the robustness and reliability of 50Hz transformers with the benefits of inverter technology the "intelligent" new model from Powercell achieves 96% efficiency – compared with 70-85% from conventional chargers.

The benefits don’t end there though. "The unique Ri-Charging process automatically recognises the age, state and charge level of any battery to provide the precise, correct charge every time – eliminating the twin dangers of over and under charging, both of which can shorten the service life of a battery.

What’s more, because the process is truly intelligent a constant power level is assured throughout the entire charging process, leading to the battery becoming fully charged much sooner.

"This new charger ticks every box," concludes Derek Anderson. "It dramatically reduces energy consumption, optimises shift length, cuts CO2 emissions and can increase battery service life by up to 25%. Switching to it will have a genuine financial impact on companies with fleets of electric counterbalance or warehouse trucks of any size."

telephone 01376 550825,
email info@powercell.co.uk
visit www.powercell.co.uk

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