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Supertouch top tips to cleaning safety eyewear

Supertouch top tips to cleaning safety eyewear

Safety glasses are a vital piece of equipment for many workers dealing in critical environments, but failure to look after eyewear can affect the quality of the lens and the protection it provides. Here Sangeeta Aeri, technical manager at Supertouch, a PPE specialist, talks through the importance of taking care of your safety glasses and some of the best techniques used for cleaning them.

Like most things in life it is easy to take our most valuable possessions for granted, eyes and ultimately safety eyewear are a good example of this. Did you know for example that one of the biggest causes of scratched and damaged lenses is improper cleaning?

As a PPE specialist, we are often asked what the best method for cleaning safety glasses is. In short, the best way to make sure your eyewear is long lasting and high performing is through proper care, cleaning, and storage. Whether spectacles, sunglasses or safety eyewear, the basic rules are the same and here we provide a few simple measures to help keep your specs in perfect condition.

Cleaning fluids

Before cleaning your glasses you should first gently blow any loose dirt or debris from the lenses. Then rinse with warm water to remove any dirt particles that are still sitting on the surface. Once these steps have been followed, you should pat the lens dry then apply a cleaning solution or moist lens cleaning towelette approved by the provider.

It is strongly advised to never use soap, washing up liquid or traditional glass cleaners (typically used for windows) to clean safety glasses. What many people don’t realise is that these products contain chemicals that can cause damage to the coating on the lenses or in some instances create a film, that can blur vision.

Wipe with the right material

It’s imperative that you choose the right material to clean your lenses. We advise against using clothing, paper towels, napkins or tissues to clean the lens of safety glasses as most of these fabrics are infused with abrasive fibres. These fibres can easily scratch the lens and affect the level of vision.

Instead, microfibre cloths are highly recommended and are usually provided by the manufacturer or provider. Microfibre material is specifically designed to remove dirt while also protecting the surface of the lens. Note: What may not be realised is that the inside of your drawstring spectacle bag is made from microfibre and can therefore be used to clean your glasses.

Routine care

It can be easy to forget, but regular care and attention is an important rule to follow. Cleaning at least once a week is advised but as often as you can is clearly preferred. Note: Introducing a cleaning station can go a long way in encouraging workers to properly clean their glasses and to take appropriate care of them.

Knowing how to clean lenses correctly and why it’s so important is an essential lesson. Similar to all PPE and workwear, safety eyewear must be properly cared for in order for them to perform the job they are designed to do. Ultimately if you protect your lenses, they will protect you.

For more information about the Pyramex range of protective eyewear or, to discover more about a wide-range of PPE and workwear available at Supertouch please call 0345 130 9922 or visit: www.supertouch.com

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