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SupremeRM stretchwrap from bpi films employed by the worlds foremost FMCG companies

Users of stretchwrap looking for a reliable, cost effective solution to their needs are continuing to place their trust in SupremeRM – a highly versatile, multi-layer, cast stretch film from bpi.films. The leading manufacturer of pallet stretch, shrink and converter films is reporting continuing success for the product with it now being widely employed by some of the world’s foremost FMCG companies.

SupremeRM, which is designed for use on pre-stretch and power pre-stretched machines, offers a stretch capacity of up to 250% as well as minimal unwind noise and, thanks to its cast production method, exceptional film clarity and pallet presentation. It also features a low cling on its outer face and a high cling on its inner, contributing to optimum wrap integrity as the film tacks to the palleted load at all levels of stretch.

Those customers now reaping the dividends of SupremeRM’s many benefits include Unilever. This company, whose product portfolio includes numerous globally recognised brands such as as Lynx, Marmite, Ben & Jerry’s, Hellmann’s, Cif, Persil and Pot Noodle, makes notable use of SupremeRM at its Helsingborg, Sweden factory.

Located at the southern tip of the country, this manufacturing facility produces a variety of dairy goods including low calorie spreads, cheese and cream products destined for the Scandinavian and wider European markets. Each year, it takes some 20 tonnes of SupremeRM sourced through one of bpi.films’ Swedish merchants – AB Sweja.

The film is used on two Octopus wrappers where it delivers consistent performance across 6 different machine settings and 6 different pallet formats working as part of a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. It was this ability to deliver exceptional versatility and reliability that led to the film being specified in the first place.

Unilever also recognised another of SupremeRM’s key attractions. The product’s high stretch effectively allows the manufacturer to downgauge the amount of film it applies to each pallet bringing with it savings in material usage, cost and subsequent disposal requirements.

In terms of hard figures, Unilever’s use of SupremeRM has reduced the amount of film it applies to a maximum of 250g per pallet and without any compromise on either load stability or protection.

Commenting on the company’s use of SupremeRM, Tomas Henfeld, Planning Manager at Unilever’s Helsingborg site, said: "As you might expect of an organisation with a global reputation to uphold, Unilever has high expectations of a pallet stretchwrap. This type of packaging may seem like a small detail but like every aspect of our operations it plays an important part in maintaining the image and the integrity of our brands.

"We’ve been delighted with the performance of SupremeRM and despite regularly testing other films as part of Unilever’s commitment to continued improvement, have yet to discover a stretchwrap that surpasses it."

Bob Barr, Sales Director at bpi.films, adds: "SupremeRM offers all the qualities demanded by today’s discerning stretchwrap customer. Its continuing success is a testament to its exceptional stretch characteristics and its ability to deliver trouble free running and good value for money."

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