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Sustainable short sea shipping solution with FCL or LCL service

Sustainable short sea shipping solution with FCL or LCL service by Christer Sering

There is an increasing need for innovative and sustainable transport alternatives when transporting goods across Europe. Greencarrier Freight Services can now offer customers a short sea shipping solution with LCL service from Poland to Sweden. This way, we are complementing our already established solution with FCL service on the same route and contributing to reduced CO2 emissions at the same time.

A sustainable and cost-efficient transport alternative to road freight

When possible, depending on the type of goods, shippers often choose more sustainable and cost-efficient alternatives over those with the shortest possible lead times, such as road freight. The fact that European roads are getting more and more congested also contributes to the increasing demand for alternative solutions.

When transporting goods by sea, it usually takes a bit longer to reach the final destination, but the transportation cost is lower. In addition, by moving parts of transports from the motorway to the “seaway”, the strain on European roads is reduced and environmental benefits are gained simultaneously. For these reasons, short sea shipping solutions along the European coasts are being expanded and developed.

New short sea shipping solution with LCL service from Poland to Sweden

One important area for development is providing more alternative solutions with Less than Container Load (LCL) service. This means taking on smaller volumes of goods from each customer. Sharing space and using the full capacity of containers is both eco-friendly and cost-efficient, enabling more customers to use the solution.

With our short sea shipping solution, Greencarrier Freight Services can now offer transport of goods from Poland to Sweden with LCL service. The solution is complementing our already established solution with Full Container Load (FCL) service for the same distance. Our new service starts with trucks in Poland collecting and transporting various types of goods from several customers to our warehouse in Warsaw. The goods are then loaded onto containers and transported to Gdansk for sea freight to Norrköping, Sweden. When the container arrives at the Port of Norrköping, we unload the goods and transport them by truck to their final destinations within a radius of about 90 miles from Norrköping.

To meet customer demands as well as for us to reduce the imbalance in the road traffic, the solution is currently mainly used for transport from Poland to Sweden. Today, most road traffic is going northward from southern parts of Europe, which puts a strain on the infrastructure.

Combining the flexibility of road freight with the environmental benefits of sea freight

By combining sea freight with road freight we use the main benefits of both transport modes. The great advantage of road freight is its flexibility and ability to reach rural areas, with the downside of high costs and CO2 emissions. When we use road freight only for the steps where this kind of flexibility is necessary, such as for final delivery, and combining it with a more sustainable mode of transport, such as sea freight, we can reduce both costs and emissions.

The importance of logistics management in enabling the use of more sustainable solutions

Because shipping by sea usually comes with longer lead times than traditional road freight, logistics management is essential. With careful planning of logistics and shipments, you can free the time needed to choose more sustainable transport solutions instead of having to use road or air. With our expertise and long experience in logistics management, we, at Greencarrier Freight Services, are happy to help you make every step of the supply chain as smooth as possible!

Short sea shipping will most certainly continue to establish itself as a smart transport alternative to traditional methods and we are continually looking into possibilities of expanding and developing these services to cover additional routes.

Greencarrier Freight Services offers shortsea shipping solutions from seaports all around Europe, and we have a wide range of road freight services to combine them with. If you want more information regarding our services, do not hesitate to contact us! https://freightservices.greencarrier.com/contact/

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