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SWIFT web portal and CANbus from Trakm8 reduces commercial fleet fuel consumption

Bad driving can increase a car’s fuel consumption by 60% according to leading vehicle telematics provider Trakm8.

Driver behaviour affects fuel consumption as harsh acceleration and braking burns more fuel per manoeuvre than driving responsibly.

Trakm8 have designed and built a number of different ways to monitor driver behaviour and save costs. They include the interactive SWIFT web portal, CANbus capability and the newest addition to the range – the Driver Feedback Module.

The Driver Feedback Module gives an immediate in-cab response to harsh cornering, acceleration and braking, as well as rapid lane changes. All of these manoeuvres drink precious fuel and the driver receives a flashing red LED from the module. Good driver behaviour is rewarded with a green LED.

John Watkins, Trakm8 CEO, said: ‘Driver behaviour has a massive affect on a company’s bottom line. It is not a tangible affect like fuel or spare parts so many organisations don’t consider it a cost to them. However, if drivers drive responsibly they could consume 60% less fuel.’

Trakm8’s bespoke packages ensure customers receive the information they need to make key decisions that affect their bottom line; one customer has reduced their fuel bill by more than £150,000.

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