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Swiftnick gets Nifty with Recycling

Family owned and run logistics company, Swiftnick Transport in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset has installed a Mil-tek baler to help it process the thousands of cardboard boxes it recycles every month.

Before installing the baler, Swiftnick was flat packing all its cardboard boxes by hand and then manually tying them together before the recycling collection. Nik Coombes, Director of Swiftnick Transport says: “Since introducing the baler, the amount of time it takes to compact the boxes has been slashed by at least 50%. The money we receive for our baled, recyclable waste covers the cost of the baler and we're saving labour costs on top of that.”

The Mil-tek baler, which is also used to bale Swiftnick's plastic shrink wrap and shredded office paper, is easy and safe to use and is air-operated so has a low energy consumption.

Swiftnick, which provides a storage, pick and pack and transportation service to its customers, estimates that it recycles around 1,500 cardboard boxes a week. This equates to around 7 bales, which can be safely stacked on one another and are easily managed.

For advice from Mil-tek or to arrange a free trial and site survey, please call 01242 620903 or visit www.miltek-uk.co.uk

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