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Swisslog secures another PillPick order in Asia

Swisslog will install a total of five PillPick systems for Singapore’s largest hospital group that invests in the fully automated inpatient pharmacy solution of Swisslog. Technology leadership and local presence of Swisslog were decisive for being awarded this order. The order underlines that Swisslog’s centralized closed loop medication management solution is becoming increasingly predominant in Asia’s hospitals.

"This project could be a tipping point," notes Stephan Sonderegger, Head of Swisslog Healthcare Solutions in Asia. "Just a few months ago we received a PillPick order from Benxi Central Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in China. Now another leading Asian hospital chose Swisslog’s PillPick solution for its automated closed loop medication management system. PillPick is a fully-automated inpatient pharmacy solution that automates the packaging, storage and dispensing of medications in unit doses. It provides maximum patient safety based on its multi-level, IT-supported security features. Besides Swisslog’s technology leadership for such solutions, the strong local presence in Singapore was another key reason for the customer to choose Swisslog.

Central Closed Loop Medication Management on the rise
Swisslog adopts the central Closed Loop Medication Management (CLMM) concept. Medication for each patient is picked and packaged at the hospital inpatient pharmacy. The whole medication process including dispensing is controlled centrally. In contrast, the decentralized approach requires picking and packaging to be done by the nurses on the wards. Besides the advantages entailed by an automated overall control, the centralized approach relieves nurses from the picking process, freeing up valuable time for patient care. Hospital pharmacists, on the other hand, have more time to focus on the review of therapies rather than preparing medication.

Patient safety further increased with innovative vision system
In this project, Swisslog will deploy for the first time an innovative vision system that is integrated in the PillPick robot. Due to the automated visual control potential errors such as empty or double-filled bags are avoided. With its portfolio of Automated Drug Management Systems (ADMS) Swisslog provides automation solutions for the entire medication management supply chain in hospitals – from dockside to bedside. In addition to PillPick, the offering includes other proven systems such as BoxPicker, which enables secure storage and dispensing of medications in the hospital pharmacy or MedRover as an integrated bed-side care solution.

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