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Swisslog’s latest innovation unfreezes operations

Underlining its commitment to continuous innovation, Swisslog has launched FreezerPick, its latest industry-specific solution. Cumbersome picking is moved out of the freezer into chilled environments, resulting in highly efficient order fulfillment. The FreezerPick design concept offers a compelling ROI by addressing all aspects of operational cost savings and providing improved ergonomics.

In response to recurring labor, efficiency and quality issues in deep-freeze warehousing, Swisslog has developed a materials handling solution to meet both the current and future challenges arising in this particular environment. FreezerPick improves operations for companies such as retailers, F&B manufacturers, 3PLs as well as pharmaceutical companies which handle frozen products and deliver directly to stores.

"Swisslog thoroughly understands the customer requirements regarding deep-freeze," notes James Sharples, Swisslog’s Head of Sales in the UK and one of the driving forces behind FreezerPick, adding that "customers can rely on Swisslog’s unique experience as we have realized over 50 deep-freeze solutions, 30 of which in the past 10 years."

At the heart of FreezerPick is the ergonomically optimized goods-to-person picking located in the chilled environment. Cases are delivered in store shelf sequence to the picker. Straight after picking, order pallets are lowered back into the deep-freeze environment with orders ready to be dispatched. This ensures cases stay in chilled environments for a few minutes only, complying with all major regulations. Besides the significantly more efficient picking process, pickers are no longer exposed to the harsh deep-freeze environment.

FreezerPick is based on four different systems: Pallet Storage, Miniload Buffer Storage, Case Picking and Layer Picking. The innovative solution is highly scalable and flexible in operation, allowing it to be tailored to each customer’s requirements. FreezerPick is designed for single case picking, automated layer-pallet building, and full pallet out-feed. A fully automated version is also available. FreezerPick is the latest addition to Swisslog’s string of technologies developed for automated materials handling systems, reinforcing its competence in the design, realization and maintenance of complete solutions over their entire life cycle.

FreezerPick offers a wide range of benefits: tailored solutions, highly efficient picking, space savings due to high-bay warehouse storage, reduced energy consumption through optimized equipment and building size, higher accuracy of order fulfillment and last, but not least, lower fluctuation and health costs as a result of ergonomically-optimized workstations and a friendlier work environment. These benefits add up to a compelling ROI in both monetary and qualitative terms.

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