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SWR sign waste agreement with AW Repair Group

Waste management company SWR, has further cemented its position as the UK’s leading supplier to the automotive sector by winning the contract for AW Repair Group. Established in 1998, the privately owned AW Repair Group has three bodyshop sites based in the east of England and south Yorkshire. The sites had differing waste activities, however, a more uniform approach across the group was required in order to deliver a consistent message to all of the AW Group customers. SWR will now manage all waste generated at each of the sites, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal glass, solvents, paints, filter material, headlamps, bumpers, panels, trims, tyres, wheels, office waste, and other general waste. SWR has introduced a unique source segregated system to each of the sites designed to improve recycling performance and reduce costs.

Head of SWR’s automotive division, Richard Brown, said: "SWR has a unique brand of waste recycling that has been fine tuned to deliver maximum value in the bodyshop and accident repair market. Our system is the most efficient environmental waste recycling process available in the market today, which is why it has been adopted by more than 50% percent of the UK’s leading bodyshops and more than 200 of the UK’s biggest dealerships."

SWR typically makes savings in the order of 10 percent per annum when compared with the previous waste disposal arrangements. This value is compounded upwards because SWR avoids dependence on landfill, which is the largest inflationary influence on waste disposal costs. SWR also seeks to gain value from the recycled material, which also contributes to the cost reduction programme.

AW Repair Group, Managing Director, Andrew Walsh, said: "AW is a customer focussed company that understands the value of service in a very competitive market. Part of our commitment to our customers is to minimise our impact on the environment. SWR’s waste management solution not only helps us to achieve this commitment, but also ensures that we are legally compliant.

"Through SWR, we have made several operational improvements and already dramatically improved our recycling performance from 30 percent to around 70 percent. We now also have a single point of contact for all of our waste issues across our various sites. SWR also provide us with regular recycling and carbon savings reports, which enable us to monitor progress and demonstrate our achievements.

"Our new waste strategy is helping us to ensure that we have as little impact on the environment as possible. For us applying good CSR practices is about much more than simply meeting an obligation. It enhances our company’s image, motivates our staff, and helps us to attract business and maintain customer loyalty."

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