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SYSPRO 7 takes off at National Space Centre

The UK SYSPRO community got a preview of the forthcoming version of K3 Syspro’s (K3) advanced Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP), SYSPRO 7, ahead of its release, at an exclusive customer event held at the National Space Centre in Leicester. And while Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon were one giant leap for mankind, K3 announced that SYSPRO 7 represents one giant leap in technology for companies looking to streamline their business processes.

Over 100 customers turned out for the event where they learned all about the latest developments in SYSPRO 7 and the new SYSPRO Espresso mobile solution that is included in the software package. The National Space Centre was an ideal venue for the event, and as it showcases everything that is great about British exploration, it reflects the innovative and daring improvements that SYSPRO 7 brings to the ERP community.

The latest version of SYSPRO provides users with greater scalability, mobility and performance to effectively streamline business processes. Styled upon the latest Windows technology, the intuitive solution brings active tiles and touch screen capabilities to its existing user interface, enabling manufacturers and distributors to easily create tailor-fit environments for their own system, which will operate like a home built solution, but without the maintenance and upgrade disadvantages. SYSPRO 7 has already earned plaudits all over the world with customers participating in the Release Candidate programme commending its efficiency.

The SYSPRO Espresso mobile solution allows any place, any time access to SYSPRO from a mobile device, ensuring optimum performance levels at all times. All these improvements create a SYSPRO solution that puts the customer in complete control of their ERP investment, according to K3 Syspro Sales and Marketing Director, Paul Roebuck.

He said: "SYSPRO 7 is a natural development of our product which has evolved over the past three decades. It reflects the changing times of the industries it serves and responds to some of the questions our customers have previously raised. It furthers our commitment to deliver scalable solutions for small through to large enterprises, and our new mobile platform allows easy, anywhere access and improved reporting capabilities, including remote report generation.

"While the National Space Centre celebrates mankind’s courage and ingenuity in pushing the boundaries of what humans thought possible, SYSPRO 7 pushes the boundaries of ERP to put the customer in control and deliver a solution that can be easily adapted to suit any organisation."

Visitors to the event were given hands-on demonstrations of SYSPRO 7 and were free to explore SYSPRO Espresso from various different mobile devices. A number of workshops were held throughout the day, explaining the new innovative features of SYSPRO 7 and K3 Hosting, part of the wider K3 Business Technology Group, was also in attendance to advise on the upgrade path to SYSPRO 7.

Craig Bonnett, IT Manager at A B Graphic International first invested in a SYSPRO solution from K3 over 20 years ago. He found the event useful and said: "Events like this are always great to attend because it teaches you so much, not just about SYSPRO 7 but how to get the best out of your existing SYSPRO solution before preparing for an upgrade. Its great that K3 puts these events on for customers and it is clear to see how much the company has developed in line with the cutting edge solutions it provides."

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