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Enterprise labeling white paper reveals four ways to enhance supply chain agility and reduce costs

The white paper “Adopting Next Generation Labeling Technology Enhances Enterprise Agility and Reduces Costs” published by NiceLabel identifies the hidden costs, inefficiencies and risks resulting from legacy labeling operations and explains why a modern label management platform is well suited to current enterprise and extended supply chain needs. In today’s …

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Lightweight strongman for the beverage industry: The rugged BPP i9 pool pallet from Cabka-IPS

The beverage industry places particularly high demands on pallets, especially when they are used as pool pallets. They must be extremely rugged, solidly built and long-lasting. At the same time they must be light and easy to handle. To meet these requirements, Cabka-IPS has developed the BPP i9 beverage pool …

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Travis Perkins plc and CHEP set to modernise supply chain within the construction industry in the UK

Travis Perkins plc, one of the largest suppliers to the UK building and construction business, has signed a landmark five-year contract with CHEP, the world’s leading provider of pallet and container pooling solutions, which will significantly modernise the supply chain of the construction industry in the UK. This agreement with …

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