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GKN Wheels keep container ports operational

GKN Wheels Keep Container Ports Operational

As world leader in the manufacture and supply of wheels to the container-handling sector, GKN Wheels & Structures has been supplying container-handling equipment manufacturers and operators worldwide for more than 30 years and is recognised for the quality, reliability and performance of its wheel solutions. Now, following major advances in …

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Thorworld ‘big thinking’ design delivers solution capable of handling GKN Wheels’ loading bay gradient

Thorworld big thinking design delivers solution capable of handling GKN Wheels

With a larger than average load to deliver, the world’s leading manufacturer of off-highway wheels, GKN Wheels & Structures has successfully relocated its dispatch facility and addressed loading bay height differences using the design and implementation services of Thorworld Industries. Operating from seven manufacturing plants worldwide, GKN Wheels & Structures …

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GKN Wheels & Structures invests in plants worldwide

GKN Wheels & Structures Invests in Plants Worldwide

With a global presence and a commitment to meeting its customers’ evolving needs, GKN Wheels & Structures has embarked on a significant multi-million pound investment programme which will cover each of its seven manufacturing plants worldwide. The company’s Managing Director, Paul Wyatt, outlined the scope of this wide-ranging programme: “Our …

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