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LGV Driving Assessors “Often Overlooked”, warns RTITB

LGV Driving Assessors Often Overlooked warns RTITB

RTITB Instructor Academy is reminding transport and logistics operations not to overlook LGV Driving Assessor training, highlighting the many advantages it can bring to businesses. “Despite the many benefits of training LGV Driving Assessors, businesses often overlook this important role,” says Simon Docherty, RTITB Instructor Academy Manager. “Whether they’re full-time …

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LGV Instructor Training – Why bother? RTITB explains

LGV Instructor Training Why bother RTITB explains

A number of organisations offer LGV Instructor training and testing but, besides obtaining the initial LGV Driver licence and holding that for three years, there is no legally required qualification. So, what’s the point? Laura Nelson of RTITB explains why training is important and what to look for in a …

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